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  Anonymous said:
hello dearest admins! do you have any baektao with top!tao? any genres are fine. thank you!

uh, when I see topping, i associate it immediately with smut? so these are all nc-17 or rated r

Boy, That Escalated Quickly (Baekhyun/Tao)
Dancing From The Podium Of The Sky; 永恆 (Baekhyun/Tao)

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
Hi guys! I'm not sure if my foc was lost or i missed it being posted, but do you have any fics with mama powers but in this modern world that we live in?

eh i dont think we’ve received a question like this before, but we’ll be glad to answer this! sorry for the wait! it must’ve gotten lost;

Try out Sincerity’s Deterioration LOL it’s my fic guys!! //shameless advertising OTL haha sorry

Another that I found is 12 (They Have Powers, Someone Stop Them) (OT12).

Most of MAMA!au’s are set in dystopian settings, another planet, or 300 years later. If you want, you can still check out our MAMA!au tag~

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
good chansoo smut please :)

check out this post!

  Anonymous said:
hi! can you please rec some good highschool!au kaisoo fics? like something similar to miscalculation :) thankyou!!

uhhh this fic seems very triggering, but the fics i’m reccing might be a little bit more lighthearted and less angsty:

To provide the link to: Miscalculation 

Kastrating Kai

Paper Mâché
Progressive Education

i think i threw in a college!au somewhere in there… sorry lol

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
Your mentally hadicapped tag is not working

Are you referring to this post? The link is working fine to me :\ Here it is again!

  Anonymous said:
really nice kray and sulay smut fics? (fluff, hardcore, kinky, any kind will do) please :)

all smut/pwp, NC-17:

Lips Like Sugar
Not-So-Clean Sheets (Kris/Lay/Kai)
Taking Flight (mama!au)
Test Drive (top!Lay)


Not A Cat And Mouse Game
Untitled (drabble)

And for some reason, most of the smutty Sulay fics are deleted/f-locked on lj D:

- Rin & vivian

  Anonymous said:
Hi! I'm looking for a fic with Xiumin as the main character. He wins these mysterious kissing cards in a carnival game and for the next week and a half, a different boy will kiss him everyday.

Kissing Cards (Xiumin-centric, ongoing)

not sure if this is it, but Xiumin harem for everyone!!!!!

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
any stories where theres a werewolf!au about mating season with anyone from exo with an oc girl? thanks :)!

sorry anon, this is all i can find ._.

Breeding Season (Kris/OC)
Mating Season (EXO/OC, ongoing)

- Alexa

[AFF] Remedy

Title: Remedy
Author: irv333
Pairing: Baekhyun/Sehun, Luhan/Lay, Luhan/Baekhyun
Status: Complete
Length: Short Story
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance, slice of life, slight angst
Warnings: Infidelity
Summary: A look at three different relationships.

  Anonymous said:
Hello! I would like to know if you guys can help me find a fic! There was a girl!exo member (i think it was sehun?) and she was mad because the guys she hooked up would never get her off, but then she starts to notice chanyeol (they work together).

I seriously read this not too long ago, but I can’t find it anymore?? I swear I bookmarked it T__T

Plz halp dear followers!

  Anonymous said:
Your tag is not working

Which tag do you mean nony??????? ;~~~~~;

  Anonymous said:
hi there
I wanna ask if any of you know this ff. I been reading it in the past but lost the link somewhere in the middle because the web browser is error and I didn't remember the title

its about a girl who accept a book from her grandmother, its about sad ending stories that she should fix in order to let the people happy.
it started with sehun, she read the story and send to the different universe where the troubled oh sehun live. she fix him and sehun dissappear at that universe. om the

Maybe the story got deleted/put into draft status while you were reading it anon? Or what you could do is search through your history page on your web browser (I think on windows it would be ‘ctrl+H and on macs command key+Y).

UNLESS someone knows of this fic, please let us know here! :)

  Anonymous said:
any 'highly recommendation' fics? :-)

check our admin favorites!! those are ones we highly recommend! 

  Anonymous said:
any ot12 fics that are like.... "deep"? thank you!

Check out this post! I know it was posted a while back, but there’s more than a handful of great stories on there :)

Hi, i wanted to know if you know about this fic im trying to find. Its kind of mama centered? Like the theme. Theyre all aliens trying to get back to exo planet by planting a seed, and it tells the story with gifs from mama mv and short dialog and it has two choice endings.. Its kai and luhan at the end if i rememeber. Im DYING to find it again >.< help please?

This sounds interesting! I’m curious to on what this fic is hahah

Would anyone else know?