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[AFF] Water Vapor

Title: Water Vapor
Author: -goodbyehello
Pairing: D.O./Kai, Kai/Sehun 
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Infidelity

Summary: Kyungsoo was like water vapor caught between Sehun and Jongin.

Beta Reader List

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  Anonymous said:
do you know what are the differences between catboy!au and kitty!au

IMO, they’re the same thing, just that catboy is more specific (like a hybrid between a cat and a human—person with cat ears, tail, etc). Kitty!AU could be like an umbrella group and catboy would fall under that category if that makes more sense?

  Anonymous said:
harruuuuuu bbs! i'm new to the exo fandom! just got becoming an "EXO-L" just right after EXO Showtime lol.. anyway, a lot of people in my twitter timeline seemed to be talking a lot about "10080" whenever there's Chanbaek stuff so i asked everyone and they said it was a fic... apparently there was an issue about it and when i asked people, there was A LOT of different stories about the "issue" the story got, so I was wondering if you guys know the REAL reason? I trust you guys.. ^_^

????????? wut. what issue are they talking about…? like how people cry after they read it? LOL idk ._.

- alexa

Can you give me any fics with a dark/horror theme? But no character death pls!! With hunhan kaisoo baekyeol or taoris pls n thank you!! :)

Any good horror/thriller/suspense fics? I finished reading everything in your tags already ^^ thanks :D

Some of these have some sort of character death(s)… sorry! Please read the warnings before reading each fic :x

All Of These Scars (Kyungsoo/Kai)
At The Stroke Of Midnight
Beige Prose
 (Luhan/Jongin, Luhan/Sehun; NC17)
Crash And Burn (You’re Not Alone) (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
Darling, Erase These Lines (Kyungsoo/Jongin; R, hannibal!au)
Decay —> Obscure —> Memento —> Static —> Sore (Baekhyun/Chen)
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Kyungsoo/Kai; R)
In Place Of Requiescat (Kaisoo/Xiuhan/Taohun; R, hs!au)
Killing Me, Killing You (Jongin/Sehun; NC17)
Libra Me (Kyungsoo/Kai, Luhan/Kai; NC17, ongoing/hiatus)
Limerence (Baekhyun/Chanyeol; R)
Living Marionette (Kris/Tao; NC17, mafia!au)
Masquer (Suho/Chen)
Mister Jackson (Lay/Sehun)
Mon Petite Chou (Kyungsoo/Jongin, Baekhyun/Chanyeol; R)
Safety Is Overrated (Kris/Tao; R)
Sunshine In An Empty Place (Baekhyun-centric)
The Circuit (Luhan/Lay, Kris/Tao, Suho/Sehun; NC17, battle royale!au)
Tick, Tock (Luhan/Kai, Luhan/Sehun)
You Can Stand There (And Watch Me Burn) (Kyungsoo/Jongin; mental instability)
Welcome To The Circus (OT12; NC17)

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
do you have any idea if lescieux has sns

No, not that we know of? Sorry :(

  Anonymous said:
Hey, do you have any ceo!suho or just boss!suho, any couple will do!

Office Antics (OT12; discontinued)
Sound Of Love
Sucrose (also sugar daddy!Suho/Tao)
They Say The Truth Ain’t Pretty (Suho/Kai; NC17)
Untitled 1 (Suho/Kyungsoo)
Untitled 2 (Suho/Kyungsoo; NC17)

there’s more, but here’s a short list for now~

Hi I was wondering if you had a kaisoo where kyungsoo wasn’t a complete wimp in it. A lot I read are where kai pretty much is the guy in the relationship and that’s ok, it’s just I would really like something where D.O is his strong self who stands up for himself, or pulls a wrestler move on someone who’s annoying. Sorry for the long rant, but I would be so so so so grateful if you found something like this. THANKYOU!!!

hello! thank you for your hard work! i wanna ask some things : -how do you find these fics????? -do you know any kaisoo with reverse characteristic (usually kai is the naughty and brave and d.o. is the innocent angel one)? im sick of angel!do in almost every kaisoo i’ve read. -do you know any very well-written (and well-plotted) oneshots? thank you!

Where I found fics? Usu at sonyeonchunji or google.. Lol. I hope these are satisfactory (tbh they’re mostly sassy/sarcastic!Soo ha)

Alpha, Please (NC17, a/b/o verse, possesive/top!Soo, age gap, knotting)
God Damned Desire
Turn Me On
(android!Kyungsoo, NC17)
You Love Me (Like One Two Three) —> Meet The Parents —> I’ll Be There (parents!au, crack)
You’re The Best Thing, That’s Ever Been Mine (girl!Soo)

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
hi! rec some hunhan teach student fic and office fic? thanks!!

Check our teacher/student and our office!au tags please.

  Anonymous said:
Are there long slave au fics? :D

All of our slave!au fics can be found here, but for them being long… um, yeah. Not very ^^;

  Anonymous said:
do you know any ballet!au fics?

3rd Arabesque (Kyungsoo/Kai)
A Beast In Repose (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Allegro (Kai/Sehun)
Am I Dreaming Or Are You Beaming Out? (Kai/Sehun)
Body Work (Baekhyun/Kai; NC17)
En L’Air (Lay/Kai) 
En Pointe
Little Pink Pill (May Cause Drowsiness) (Kai-centric)
Night Dancer (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Overspilts (or This is How We Étendre) (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Purging Kim Jongin (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Take Your Heart (And Add It To Mine) (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Tarantism, Tarantella and The Tarantula
The Principles Of (Modern) Dance (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Turnout (Luhan/Kai)

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
any stripper!chen fics? thanks ^^

Mr. Suho (Suho/Chen) is the only one we could find!!! Why no love for stripper!Chen?! D: lol sorry anon!

  Anonymous said:
are there any fics where they're assassins?

Answered here.

  Anonymous said:
do you know any fanfics where one of them has a speech problem?

I Love You Tho Much, Luhan! (Luhan/Sehun; Sehun has a lisp)
So Caught Up In You (Kai/Sehun; Sehun has a lisp, NC17)
The Smile In The Mirror
(Baekhyun/Chanyeol; Yeol has a stutter)
What Makes You Different (Libra)
 (Sehun/OC; Sehun has a lisp)

Okay so the Sehun one’s, his lisp isn’t all that noticeable/it’s just a passing comment… heh hope you don’t mind~ 

  Anonymous said:
Any fics with one member heavily drugging the other?

These were the closest I could find? Sorrey nonyyy :c

Borrowed Veins (Luhan/Baekhyun)
Fighting Against (Gravity)
(Baekhyun/Kai, Kai/Sehun)
Suffocate Me