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  Anonymous said:
Hey :) I love baekyeol pairing. Recently I realised that I have read so many baekyeol fics that I can't tell some of them apart :/ Only It befan with a bet/Troublemaker/Lifeless are different. Do you know any unique fics which contain some smut? Any really intresting ones? Thank you so much and your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work! ♡

Try Not Intended and The Letter!! Those were really unique to me :) Hmm, I would suggest more really good ones, but they do not have smut. Check the Baekyeol tag too! 

- Alexa

Hi! I'm 2 months anon. 1) protective Xiumin. 2) xiubaek fic which is xiumin & baek is bff and xiu like luhan. when he tell baek about dat, baek start avoid him & make he thought baek hate him bec he gay. turn out baek avoid him bec he love him.

ahhh you know what? i think you asked for protective Xiuhun/Xiuhan, but we only replied with protective Luhan over Xiumin. I think protective Xiumin was hard to find and we’re only able to answer the Luhan side of Xiuhan (if that makes sense…) 

also, I don’t think we’ve received a question about #2 ._. BUT! we will see if we can find it lol; thanks for messaging us about this

EDIT (as in edited 5 minutes after posting lmao): found #2!!

All The Stars In The Sky (Xiumin/Baekhyun) 

  dygamal said:
Hi adminss!! I dont really know how to use this ask box. ;A; i'm so confused because i have asked you before but there is no reply or it is me that did it wrongly. Sorry for my broken english. T.T Can you recommend the ff which is pairing with o/c? Or not involving yaoi/smut? Sorry if you have difficulty to understand my question. 😔😔😔

hello ^^ there have been many questions regarding EXO/OC so we are compiling it all into one post. Please be patient, questions do not come out in one day even if we answer it immediately because of queue. We are working on it!! Please wait a little longer and sorry about the inconvenience~

  Anonymous said:
Hiii, do you have any taekai smut? And do you know of any fic where the boys are watching porn and then they start to experiment with themselves or something around watching porn? Any pairing is good, thank youuuuu ❤❤

Taemin/Kai (all NC-17):
After School Lesson (Kyungsoo/Kai/Taemin)
Clinging To Not Getting Sentimental
Friends Like These (drabble)
Happy New Year 
Superfreak (piercing!play)
Take Care (drabble)
We Will Always Have Japan
What’s Your Kink?

Porn (all NC-17):
Challenge Accepted
Ctrl+H (Baekhyun/Kyungsoo)
Feast For Two (Plus Nine) (Xiumin/Luhan/Sehun, OT12)
Places That I Could Hide (Kai/Sehun)
Suspension (Kai/Sehun)

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
Any kind of fics that kinda deal with red strings but not really, more like bonded pairings or soul mates - with smut.

Check our soulmates!au tag and this post for red string smut.

  Anonymous said:
Any possessive XiuHun/XiuHan fics? Thank you!

Hyung, I Love You (Xiuhunhan, w/possessive!Hunhan, incest i think)
I’ll Suck Your Venom Out (possessive!Luhan)
It’s Never Me (possessive!Luhan)
Mooncakes & Romance (possessive!Luhan)
My Kinky Boyfriend (possessive!Luhan)
Numbing Melody (possessive!Luhan)
Photo-Phobic (possessive!Luhan)
The Roommate (possessive!Luhan)

Possessive Xiuhun is hard to find, sorreys :c

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Do you have any complete stories with a plot (so no oneshots) which focuses on a shipping, where one of them is some kind of animal or stuffie-turned human? The only ones I know are Kitten (Hunhan) and Our Way Home (kaisoo).

For those who wanted to read: Kitten & Our Way Home.

How To Pet: A Users Guide (Luhan/Chen, NC17)
How To Pet: Throw The Ball (Kris/Chanyeol)
Let Me Explain… (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
My New Pet (OT12, ongoing)

- vivian & ileney

  Anonymous said:
hey! can you recommend some femslash please??? thankss

All NC-17~

Action (Baekhyun/Tao)
Cookies and Cream (Jongin/Sehun)
Girl, You Do Me So Well (Kai/Sehun)
Hang With Me (Luhan/Sehun)
Hookin’ Up (Chen/Chanyeol)
I Don’t Need A Man
(It’s) Too Late Baby (Tao/Sehun)
Powers of Observation
Rough (Baekhyun/Kyungsoo)
Too Dirty To Clean My Act Up (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)

also check the postings from round 1 of femmexo!

- Alexa & vivian

  Anonymous said:
hey guyth.. i think i've exhausted your office!au tag.. i was wondering if you can recommend me more? or freshly new office!au fics? chaptered or one shot doesn't matter, as long as it's smut? and the pairing doesn't matter either... :D thankee! :3

All rated NC-17!

堕落, Fallen (Luhan/Jongin)
7 Days (Kai/Sehun, kitty!au)
A Little Affection
GQ Gangster (Kris/Kyungsoo)
Life Isn’t The Only Thing Hard When Your Name Is Luhan (Luhan/Kyungsoo)
Office Hours
Step Into My Office, Baby (Minseok/Baekhyun)
Suit And Tie
(main!Hunhan, side!Baekyeol & Kaisoo)
Suit Up! (Chanyeol/Tao)
Untitled (Luhan/Jongin)

- ileney & vivian

  Anonymous said:
It's been 2 month but I still didn't get reply for my question. I try to sent it again for about 3 times but I'm scared that you will be annoy if I sent it again for 4th time so I stop it. Didn't know if tumblr eat it or u guys ignore it. T.T

2 months?! hmmm, which question is it? we don’t ignore questions, but sometimes we have a hard time answering, but we keep looking lol. so my dear, anon, which question is it? 

  Anonymous said:
Do you have another link for Lapse of Etiquette 2? I think the author deactivated her account :(

no, we don’t. sorry nony~

  Anonymous said:
Can you recommend some, well really angsty fics? Preferably with self-harm or some kind of disorder.. If you know any ^^

hihi check through our tag (most, if not all, are pretty angst-y)

  Anonymous said:
hello! i love this blog <3 thanks for running this blog beautiful peeps ; u ; i'm just wondering if you have any krislay / layhan / krislayhan wolf!au?? it's hard to find wolf!au with those pairings... ; n ; thanks baes <3

Mine, Not Yours 
Second Life
Seven Days To The Wolves 
Soul Instinct (ongoing) 

Boy Just Be My Lollipop Let Me Let Me Lick You Up 
Fire Away, Fire Away (side!Krisyeol)
When The Wolves Cry (they’re a side pairing)

Yeah so, I tried looking for this ot3, but came up with nothing? I thought I swear I read a oneshot or something :c sorry nony!

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Hai guys! I wondered if you knew any fics that was about the company 'abusing' or 'using' exo. I don't really know how to put it but like the company made exo do stuff like... sex.

I FOUND THIS but there’s no exo TT~TT sorry anon!

  Anonymous said:
Any smut where one person is called princess or some other feminime name? any pairing is good :p

i seriously cannot find this… There’s plenty of other fics that use “baby,” but I don’t think that’s feminine enough? You can look through our daddy!kink tag for those~