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[AFF] In Between Here and There

Title: In Between Here and There
Author: paperdancer
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin, friends!Baekhyun/Kyungsoo
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Teacher/student, high school!au, romance, angst
Warnings: age gap, mentions of abuse and mental illness

Summary: Kyungsoo’s one of those seventeen year olds with a bad reputation and a strong need to be different; so it doesn’t come as a surprise to his friends when he declares he wants to sleep with their homeroom teacher, Kim Jongin.  

Reasons Why You Submitted: it’s actually a really good story and it’s not a pwp even though it seems like it is.

Alexa’s Thoughts: WOW I just read this and i have to say this is a really good fic! the author writes very simply but at the same time poetically. i dont usually read reverse age or age gap, but i don’t regret reading this. make sure you actually read it closely and not skim through it; spare a good 5-10 minutes and read this! thanks for the submission! 

  Anonymous said:
What is reverse harem? I know what harem means, it's like a group of people like one person...right? So then reverse harem is a person who like a group of people.....?

Harem means a bunch of people of the same gender liking one person of the opposite (usu refers to males so like 5 girls liking the same boy). Reverse harem means the opposite (5 boys liking the same girl).

Hope that helps! ^^

Do you know of any Hunter x Hunter fics? The only one I know of is Rueda and that was discontinue >.<

Could you be more specific? What do you mean by “hunter x hunter?” And where did you read “Rueda?” What was it about?

  Anonymous said:
hi mods. *gives some sweets* just give some info that some of tag cant be accessed (or no link? cursor do nothing on it), like top!chanyeol, top!do, top!sehun, top!tao, and unrequited love. or have you know it?

huh, that’s weird. i checked the links and they’re working for me (well sometimes…) and i checked the custom code and everything looks fine D: idk what’s wrong orz

but i’ll link them here for you!!!

top!chanyeol, top!d.o., top!tao, top!sehun, unrequited love

hope that helps!

Hi! It’s getting close to halloween and I was wondering if you guys had any horror or supernatural fics? (I’m sure you have a tag for it but I’m on mobile I’m sorry)

Do you have any gruesome or possible disturbing or cruel fics. Ones that would be good for halloween that would make someone cringe? Thanks!

seriously, please don’t ask the same question in like a 1-2 hour span of time. it’s really annoying, because we’ve asked our followers to refrain from doing so MULTIPLE TIMES. Your second message was literally next to your first one. WE SEE ALL MESSAGES.

Moving on: 

Check this, this, and this post. 

I will link the horror tag here and the supernatural tag here because I just checked on my mobile and if i link it here, you can click it and it will come up.

  Anonymous said:
can you reccomend some bully fics? thanks!

check the bullying tag

  Anonymous said:
Hi! (: Do you happen to know of any studio ghibli-esque fics? No specific pairing or characters. It's just that I read "Tomorrow" from Alexa's 'faves' list the other day and it kind of reminded me of Spirited Away ahaha.

yassss it was good right?! alright, here we go: 

Always, No Matter How Many Times (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
PurgaTorio For Two (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
When The Wind Blows (Know I’m With You) (Luhan/Sehun)

;_; Like Smoke (Kris/Tao) would have been such a nice fic to rec ;_;

- Alexa

we also have a studio ghibli tag!!! :) check it out~
- ileney


1. honeyblondlu sent this tip: “Hi! I think the SeLu Daddy Kink you are looking for is “Luhan Loves His Daddy” on AFF, but it isn’t available anymore.” sooo there’s that. sorry captain x( 

 asked: it’s a hunhan daddykink set in the present universe (they’re kpop stars), and it’s a three shot. in the first chapter Luhan and Sehun are going at it and Luhan accidentally calls him daddy, cue awesome understanding Sehun and in the next chapter Sehun gets him coloring books that he’s too embarrassed to use. In the third part Luhan falls down in a trailer and Sehun threatens (D.O?) into silence about what he heard.

2. found it!! i just read it and HOMG WHYyyyy akgjslkjg???? anyways, it’s We Are (Were) One! by _PinkTape (warning: have a box of tissues handy hnggg - ileney)

 asked: do you know this fic where EXO got into a car accident and only Sehun survived, when he came back to he dorm he wished the hyungs will comeback. Then every morning he woke up, there will be 1 different member who will accompany him for a day. I want to read it again but i forget the tittle :( help me find this? Thanks :)


hi,im looking for a Minseok/Luhan fic . where Minseok works at a coffee shop with (tao and lay)as brothers that suho owns. and (Luhan/Baekhyun)are bestfrinds. when luhan and Minseok become a couple,luhan father falls sick(maybe die) and luhan has to go back to china. other couple where Baekhyun/lay and Chanyeol/kai . i hope you can find it! thank u so much. :)


I’m looking for a fic but I totally forgot the pair. (sorry!) two of them live together but one of them has been staying later and later.(He’s also been stressing out and lashes out at the other) so much that the other thinks that he’s cheating on him. in the end though, the guy finds out he’s been staying later so he could earn enough money to buy him a ring.

  Anonymous said:
okay, so two things i'm looking for: 1) any (please refrain from lifting fics off chenpionships) luchen fics with bottom!chen only? 2) looking for seho/kaiho with bottom!suho only (i've already read all the ones in the tag). and now i'm just going to be irrelevant because why not make some small talk hehe :3 sorry if i seem rude because a lot of people tell me that, especially people online, bUT POINT IS, sorry if i come off too demanding and i really appreciate the admins' hard work /thumbs up/

Obvi, all rated NC-17!

Deep Waters (long & chaptered!)
Kittens (the sort of oneshot sequel to How To Pet)
Oh, He’s Got Me (high school!au)
Park & Ride (steamy car sex huhuhu :3)
Scream For Ice Cream (toys)
Territory Dispute (wolf!au drabble)
Untitled Drabble (idk if this is set in the same verse as How To Pet?)

and here’s a luchen exchange if you’re interested! posting will start in two weeks x)

A Little Magic Goes A Long Way (Sukai. harry potter!au)
Concentration/Satisfaction (Seho)
Drowning In You (Seho)
Edges (I Like Them Rough (Seho)
Just Pretend (Sukai)
Let Me Worship You(r Ass) (Seho)
Love You More Than Your Heart

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
sadly that fanfic that has kris and lay bully angst-thingy is gone.. is love you inside out by zhangsara but zhangsara already deleted it.. sorry anon who asks for that fic :(

Thanks dear! Here’s why it was deleted. Refers to this post~

  Anonymous said:
Hello! I was wondering if you can give me a link to the horror/creepy AU EXO fics pls!! And if you have any of your favs PLS tell me bc I've really been into the creepy/horror AU FICS lately

We’ve rec’d some recently! Check our horror tag :)

  Anonymous said:
Hi Can you rec me some daddykink /shotacon fic? If you have done it already, can you link it? Please and thank you! :*

here’s our daddy!kink tag and shotacon tag ^^

Do you know of any good reverse harem fics? I’ve exhausted through the OC tag and I was hoping to read some more (if not ot12 reverse harem, than a Jongdae or Exo M harem is okay too) - THANK YOU!

hi do you know any smut fics, oc with any member is fine, where the oc loses her virginity?

Sorry anons, whatever we have in our OC tag are the only ones we’ve read/skimmed through :( we don’t normally read any OC fics as stated in our faq heh ^^;

  Anonymous said:
Do you know of any ongoing OT12 fics at the moment? Ships don't really matter but I like the main ships preferably?? If so thanks~

A Little More (main!Baekyeol)
Let Us Too, Surrender To Love (Suho/Everyone)
Moving On From Grief
 (it’s pretty much a clusterfuck of love triangles/squares/what have you)
The Chains That Bind Us (main!Kray)

just a few from our ongoing tag! check there for more :)

[AFF] Little Dumpster Treasure

Title: Little Dumpster Treasure
Author: suhossineun
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: Kitty!au

Summary: Checking into meowing dumpsters can be lifechanging. Kris learns it the kitty way.