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  Anonymous said:
I'm sorry to disturb you and your beautiful blog, lol, but do you think you could explain anything me about fic exchanges? A new one chankai one called "stillnessismove" opened up but I'm pretty clueless. (And what the hecky is a pinch-hitter? A substitute?) Thanks and much love broskis.

From what I understand, anon, those who wish to participate in an exchange submit a couple of prompts. They then get assigned prompts that other writers submitted, everyone gets a couple of months to write their lovely fics with a few check-ins along the way to make sure everyone can meet the deadline as specified when the exchange began. Then, the completed fics are posted without the author for everyone to read, and everyone gets to guess who wrote each fic. Finally, at the end, the authors are revealed! Most fic exchanges have a twitter account to announce important dates and deadlines. 

I think the admins meant ‘pinch-hitter’ to mean a substitute? As in, if you’re not sure you have the time to commit to submitting prompts and being held to writing a fic in return, you can fill out the separate form. That way, if someone has to dropout then you can have a chance to participate too!

Thanks for letting us know about the new exchange! I love Chankai :D

- vivian 

  Anonymous said:
any good teacherXstudent fics? (kris as the teacher, i prefer beakhyun as the student, but sehun, kai, luhan also good) :D

Check our tag! Might be there somewhere lol :)

Hello! I am so utterly lost right now, and it’s bothering me so much. Anyways, today I was reading “Arbitrage”. I read about Kyungsoo being found by Jongdae and all, and like the part where they’re racing and stuff. Now this is where my memory has failed me. Then I get to this plot where Kyungsoo lives a listless life & meets Jongin in this coffee shop shaped like a triangular prism & orders espressos & Jongin likes to dress up as different people each week & Kyungsoo notices and decides to talk to Jongin and Jongin tells him about his “projects” and how he dresses as different people of the society (rich high school student; “Project Homeless”; elderly senior citizen [in which they go to play chess with two other old men]) and then Kyungsoo takes photos/polaroids for Jongin’s scrapbook thing or whatever & then the photos are displayed in a gallery & the last page of Jongin’s scrapbook is like “Project “In Love”

This fanfiction was on LiveJournal, if that helps. Sorry for the lengthy asks! O.o” Thanks again~

ok, so i didn’t post the last few messages for spoiler alert but the fic you are looking for is Gicleur by exollent. Haha, thank you so much for the detailed description!! it really helps!!

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
do you know any baseball!au? :DD thankies! c:

Hi anon~ Home Run (Kai/Sehun, NC-17) is the only one I’ve come across :\ check this post for more sports!au though :D

[LJ] Audio Books

Title: Audio Books
Author: imnseok
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Kai
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, smut, college!au

Jongin gets off to the sexy voice of his audio book.

  iane91 said:
hey hey. i love you blog <3 #harthart

Gahhhh thank you dearie <333 and your support to help run this blog! ;~~~;

  Anonymous said:
Hello admin! Do you happen to know the fic about sehun and yixing wherein sehun was, at first, thinks himself straight and was dating taeyeon and then taeyeon broke up with him. After that he and kai went to a gay club and there sehun met yixing. I couldnt remember the title of that fic and i would really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!

Sorry nony, I haven’t found this yet :(

Does anyone else know what this fic might be??

  Anonymous said:
Any chansoo parallel universe au?

Not sure what you meant by “parallel universe” anon, but here are some au stories (sorry, not a lot of Chansoo):

A Tightrope of Red String (Luhan/Sehun, kind of??)
All I’m Made Up Of
 (Kai/Sehun, Baekhyun/Kai, Baekhyun/Chanyeol, trigger warning)
And Yet Time For A Hundred Indecisions
Complications (Baekhyun/Chanyeol, side!Luhan/Kris) 
In Another Universe (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Little One Lie With Me, Sew Your Heart To My Sleeve (Kyungsoo/Kai, trigger warning)
Parallels (Kyungsoo/Kai, ongoing)
The Universe Is Made Of A Billion Stars (But I Will Always Find Yours) (Kris/Lay)

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
Hi! I'm really a big fan of Cassandra Clare's book series' The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones series if you're not familiar with it) and The Infernal Devices and I'm just curious if there are exo fanfics in the same AU as TMI and TID? Since I've read exo fics in the HP!au and Percy Jackson as well. :) Thank you so much in advance! Your blog is really a big help. (And thank you for recommending one of my fanfics. I saw it on your blog and was surprised. More power to all of you! O//

sorry anon, this is all I could find!

Athanasia (City of EXO) (various pairings, ongoing)
Need You Now (Chanyeol/JR (Nu’est))
The EXO Instruments: City of Bones (various pairings, hiatus)
The Feral Artifacts: City of Wolves (Suho/Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo/Kai, ongoing)

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
Any fics that involve a student/teacher relationship between a ship or something?

Check our tag! :)

  Anonymous said:
what is incest fics?

An incest fic involves a relationship between close family members, which is usually considered socially taboo. For example, Kris and Tao are brothers and they end up in an intimate situation rofl

If you wanted to check some fics out, here is the tag!

I hope that helps anon!
- vivian

  robotkeychain said:
Hi ^^ Do you know the name of the xiuhan fic where every time Luhan gets coffee he uses a different name? And I think Xiumin is the barista. Thank you!

I think that would be Happyccino by sassively!

- vivian

Hey :) You recommended “It began with a bet” and it wad awesome! ♥♥♥ Do you know simillar ones? I mean Baekyeol where Baek is all cute and shy. Yeah It began with a bet was awesome and I need something very simillar also with Baekyeol :) Thanks ♡

Hey :) I loved “It started with a bet”. Do you know any simmilar ones? Chanyeol being romantic and Baek quite and shy :) with few bed scenes like in It started with a bet. Thanks :)))

Hey :) I wrote to you several times about something simillar to It began with a bet. A fanfic about chanbaek where baek is sweet and shy and there are a few bed scenes

Hey:) I’ve read “It began with a bet” and it was the best fanfic ever ♡ Do you know simillar ones? Where baekhyun is shy and quiet and chanyeol is self confident. Also I wouldn’t mind a few bed scenes just like in “IBWAB” Thank you so much :))

Not sure if you’re the same anon or not, but next time please refrain from asking the same question >_< if your question doesn’t show up in our blog within two weeks, please don’t hesitate to ask again! It takes time for us to answer questions and our ask box is always full so answering repeated questions is…unnecessary. Okay that’s all, thanks!

The Letter
Then Came You 

  Anonymous said:
Are there any fics where the main pairing pretend to be in a relationship?

Similar ask answered here, anon!

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
hello there! can you recommend me some good exo one shots? (any pairing but preferred baekyeol or kaisoo or hunhan hehe) you're really cool and thank uu 💓

如烟 (Like Smoke) (Kris/Tao)
Again and Again (Luhan/Sehun)
A Taste Of Compulsion (D.O./Kai)
Feeling Like This Is Like To Fall Awake (D.O./Kai)
Goodbye Summer (Xiumin/Sehun)
Red, Red, Red (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
Stationary Sidewalks (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
The Big Top (Luhan/Sehun) <— The Birth Of The Manipulator (prequel; Luhan/Baekhyun, Luhan/Sehun)
The Secret Smile (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
The Sweetest Thing (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)


Also check our Baekyeol, Kaisoo, and Hunhan tags ^^