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  Anonymous said:
im searching for fics where one of the boys work as a cam boy or something similar, do you guys know of any? any pairing is fine =^.^=

sorry anon, Beneficial Transactions (Luhan/Sehun, NC-17) is the only one i’ve come across!

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
Hey do you know any transformers!au? I couldn't find any using the search bar OTL

Hi nony, unfortunately none of us has come across a Transformers!AU yet :( 

If anyone else knows of one, please kindly message/submit! Thank you~

  ohheysehun said:
Do you know some fics where sekai bestfriends become lovers? Thank you i approciate your hard work and love you and your tumblr<:

  Anonymous said:
i've read this fic where maknae line (sekai) fought each other for their hyungs attention. did you perhaps know that fic? i really want to read it!!

could it possibly be Let’s Make A Deal (Kai/Sehun) by sleighlay on the maknaerulez exchange?

- vivian

  kyungsooolove said:
Hi, I really love your blog you have and thankyou soooooo much for all these great fanfiction, they are great!!!! I was wondering if you knew any really good Chanyeol and Kungsoo fanfiction?

  Anonymous said:
hello hardworking admins! do you have any fem!suho fics? i went through the genderbender tag and only found a couple. thank you in advance ~

hello lovely anon~ here is some new girl!Suho for you!

Cheerleader!au (Kris/girl!Suho)
Good Clean Fun (girl!Suho/Kai, smut, NC-17)
I’m Twisted Up (When I’m Twisted With You) (girl!Suho/Chen, smut, NC-17)
Like You The Best (Kris/girl!Suho)
She’s Got You High (And You Don’t Even Know Yet) (various pairings)
Slice of Life (Kris/girl!Suho + other pairings, co-ed exo!au)  Flight of Fancy  Spin Me Like A Bottle  And All The Awards  (last two are friend-locked, follow author’s instructions here to be added as a friend!)
Spin The Bottle (Chen/girl!Suho + other pairings)
Take Me (Together With You) (Kris/girl!Suho)
Your Sunflower (Kris/girl!Suho)

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
Do you know the sukai fic where they're both time travellers? Suho gets sent backwards/forwards (I can't remember) in time when you look into his eyes and Kai gets sent back/forth whenever he touches something from his past. And their eye colors were light when they started time traveling but as they keep doing it the color gets darker

  Anonymous said:
herrroooow guyth! i was wondering, are there any classic hunhan fics out there? like for kaisoo, there's anterograde tomorrow, for Chanbaek, there's 10080.. are there any remarkable ones? or do you guys think there might be great stories you've read that might be a classic? thanks guys!

I’ve taken liberty to your question so some of these might not be what most hunhan fans consider “classic.” These are also found in our Luhan/Sehun tag :)

135 Seoul 
A Glitch In Time 
A Tightrope of Red String 
And Baby I Breathe You 
Cooking, Cooking 
Deoxys (Luhan-centric, but there’s Hunhan don’t worry~)
Finding Heaven 
Fragile Eternity 
Got My Heartbeat Runnin’ Away 
There Is No Dusk To Be, There Was No Dawn That Was 
There Will Come Soft Rains 
Viridescence (friend-locked)

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
hi, do you know any fic from any pair about one is in the juvy or prison? can you give me some? thanks guys! we appreciate the hard work! <3

Lacrimosa (Tao centric)
They’re Never Gonna Get Me (Kris/Tao)
Two Way Monologue (Baekhyun/Kai)

- Rin

  Anonymous said:
A question for the admins! How often do you read fanfiction in a week? For how long? What type do you specifically look for? Your favorite ships? Top 5 favorite fics?

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I read two fics per day, sometimes I read four fics in a week.
It depends on how long the fic is! I prefer chaptered ones so it takes more than a couple of hours! 
I crave for tragedy and crime fics!

My favorite ships are Xiuhan, Baekai and Suchen (and I might like Xiusoo a little bit more than I should! >o<)
And my favorite fics are: 48 Hours, Step, Try to remember (and if you remember then follow), Bittersweet, Anterograde Tomorrow

- Rin

  Anonymous said:
Love story between a guy and a girl fanfic

Erm, this ask is a bit too vague sweeties. Which member did you want to read a romance with? Did you want a long story or short? Love triangle? Best friends to lovers? Enemies to lovers? Please be more specific nonyy ^^

  Anonymous said:
Ignoring much

There’s no need for sass nony. If you could please state which question you asked, we could rectify that problem as soon as we can! 

As we stated several times, we’re only human trying to make your lives easier (and honestly, we don’t have to but we do anyway) by spreading some EXO love. If you think we work too slow, there’s always Google search :)

  Anonymous said:
heyah! can you give me shower sex fics? uhm... hehe can you give me all that you can find T^T i'm sorry for asking too much! thanks for all the hardwork! fighting! <3

Similar ask answered here! :)

  xiutea said:
Akaonim, it was answered in another (you just had to scroll a bit). The Kaisoo fic is Just Give Me Another Reason on asianfanfics

[AFF] A Little More

Title:  A Little More
Author: HereIGoAgain
Pairing:  main!Baekhyun/Chanyeol, OT12
Status: Ongoing
Length: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Genre:  Romance, comedy, smut

Summary: In which the members of EXO enjoy having sex just a little more than average.