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  Anonymous said:
Out of all the members and ships, which ones do you think have the best character analysis when it comes to the more deeper stories? Those stories are my favorite because the writing literally takes my breath away.

In terms of members, I think Tao or Kris have the best character analysis. I don’t know, I feel authors think writing psychological studies are better when it comes to Tao and Kris. 

In terms of ships, Kaisoo is definitely a pair that have brilliant and mind-blowing stories that are deeper than any other stories for another pairing. Good examples are Arbitrage and Anterograde Tomorrow :) 

- alexa

  Anonymous said:
do you have any Kai/Lay/Kim-Hyoyeon fics? Based on this youtube video /watch?v=yb4uNVbT4KY

here are some we’ve found… skimmed through so not sure on the content of the fics rofl sorry anon!!

By My Side
Second Love (this one’s on wattpad ehhhhhhh)
Who Do I Love? (+ Kris)


Herro lovely followers! We’re apologize for closing the ask, but we’re slowly getting around to answering all the questions sitting in the inbox (シ_ _)シ not entirely sure when we’ll open it again, but it shouldn’t take too long (prob after this weekend’s up)! And for those, who sent in requests using our submission form and/or fanmail we’ve deleted those #sorrynotsorry

We also updated the tags page (finally), added more to the crossovers section and the index page. Whew~ Moving on….

It hasn’t been long since the last mod openings, but it’s here again! We have at least two mod positions open so apply today! :) 

Future mods should at least have a pretty extensive knowledge of EXO fics they’ve read (obvi you don’t need to, but recommended) and should be open to pairings you don’t necessarily ship/read (e.g., OCs, rare ships, pairings/members you don’t like [yes, that includes Kris], etc.)

Okay that is all, toodles~

  Anonymous said:
Any fics about one or all the members debuting or trying to debut and having a hard time- with things like overwork and stress? Doesn't need to have a pairing

Just Like You (Kyungsoo/Jongin, Luhan/Sehun; ongoing, pre-canon, self harm, bullying)
Second Chance (Suho-centric + various SM artists; pre-canon)
We Are One, or Could Have Been (OT12, Baekhyun/Chanyeol; canon but not really)

Eeeek. I hope these are what you wanted nonyyy ;;;;

- ileney

[AFF] Pick Me

Title: Pick Me
Author: kpoplovers93
Pairing: D.O./Kai
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, non-au, comfort

Summary: It’s sickening to know that the potential love of his life is happy with someone else that’s not him. 

Reasons Why You Submitted: for that anon who asked about angst with kai with a happy ending.

  Anonymous said:
do you have any fics where xiumin commits suicide?

So many trigger warnings ahead :c

Letters From Me, Kim Minseok, To You, The Ones I Love (OT12; ongoing)
Standing In Front Of My Desperate Self And Praying
The Day Before (XIumin/Luhan)

  Anonymous said:
please please rec me new chanbaek smuts.. I've already read everything in the tag T^T only nc-17 please! thank you so much for all the hard work! <3 we are so blessed to have to this page to help us out! :D

I don’t know if the following are going to be repeats (and if they are, I sorrey). All rated NC-17!

Almost (side!Luhan/Sehun, horror, trigger warnings)
Can I Take You Home?
Crank The Bass 
Four Dudes, One Car
Moonstruck (mental illness, non-con)
Never Got To Heaven (But We Made It Real Close) (Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Kai, dirty talk)
Oh, The Games We Play (daddy!kink, dirty talk, toys)
Recreation In Motion
The Neighbours Know My Name
Too Dirty To Clean My Act Up (femslash)
We’ll Be Alright, Love (daddy!kink)
Your Love’s Not Around 

- ileney

[LJ] The Sky And The Under

Title: The Sky and The Under
Author: luhans 
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fantasy, Percy Jackson!AU

Summary: Suho is the son of Zeus and Kris is the son of Hades. Too bad their fathers hate each other.

Reasons Why You Submitted: for that anon who wanted percy jackson!au’s

  Anonymous said:
Any sad/romantic Kaisoo Baekyeol? Love y'all blog

Check here, here, here and here.

  Anonymous said:
for the anon that wanted a fic where a member is attracted to another member but refuses to be gay, hunhan in Queer and Proud on aff are like that :)

Thanks for the suggestion! Added to the list ^^ (referring to this post).

  silverwook21 said:
any the heirs au other than a cup of noodles by selubration? thanks a lot ♡

Ahhh sorrey sweetie, I believe that’s the only The Heirs!AU out rn… but here are some other kdrama crossovers for you~~~

A Cup Of Noodles (Hunhan/Krishan; The Heirs)
Closer (Could Only See You) (Krisyeol; Hana Kimi/To The Beautiful You)
Episode 0: Meet Your Neighbor
 (Sudo; Flower Boy Next Door) 
F4 Meets Their Match ♥ (Taoris/Baekyeol/Kaisoo/Hunhan; Boys Over Flowers)
Let’s Play A Game Of Pretend (Sudo/unrequited!Kaisoo/Lukai/side!Chenyin; Boys Over Flowers)
Living Between The Yesterdays (Chansoo; Proposal Daisakusen/Operation Proposal)
Rocks Band (Baekyeol/Hunhan/Taoris/Kaisoo/Sulay; Shut Up Flower Boy Band)
These Roses Bloom For You (Suho/girl!Soo; The Master’s Sun)
Untitled (Krishan; Proposal Daisakusen/Operation Proposal)

enjoy x)
- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Hello! Do you have any single dad au where one of the exo members are their son?

A Band-Aid For Your Wounds (A Kiss For Your Heart) (dad!Kris/Lay, kid!OC)
Always Waiting Here
(dad!Kris/Baekhyun, kid!Sehun)
And The Clouds Are Breaking Now (dad!Suho/Kyungsoo, kid!OC)
(dad!Suho, Kai/kid!Sehun)
Crocodile Tears (uncle!Kris-centric, baby!Tao)
Cups Of Coffee And Fairytales (dad!Xiumin/Luhan, kid!Sehun)
Daddy! Daddy! (dad!Xiumin/Luhan, kid!Sehun)
Oh, Baby (Chanyeol/teen dad!Sehun, kid!OC)
Playdates (series with single dads!Luhan/Sehun w/ kids!Haowen/Ziyu)
The Single Daddies Club (dads!OT12/kids!OCs)
You And I (And A Boy WIth A Bunny) (Kris/dad!Suho, kid!Sehun)

  Anonymous said:
halu.. i saw that ask about a member mistaken as a girl? can I rec this fic called Castle of Glass by gamagamachan in AFF? :) the story's on hold but the story is turning to be good so.. :)

Thanks for the suggestion nony! Added to the list! (referring to this post).

[AFF] Little Monsters

Title: Little Monsters
Author: Yousexypanda 
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol (+ rest of EXO as their pups)
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, drama, family!au, wolf!au 

Summary: Being pregnant has never been such a horror for Baekhyun who has to take care of seven young pups on his own while his mate, Chanyeol, leaves for winter preparations.

Reasons Why You Submitted: It’s really cute, seriously, and plus it’s a familyAU! I wonder why it has not been recommended yet.