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  Anonymous said:
Can you give me an angst kaisoo/selu/chanbaek or individual ships? Except for arbitrage, 48 hours, 10080, antero, the letter, absolute chanyeol, letters to you (already read it) Anything that is written on LIVEJOURNAL and NOT on AFF. ^^ Gomawo~

Check this post here! Thanks (:

  Anonymous said:
Hello, can you recommend me any fanfics with baekhyun: blind, in wheelchair, have illness (like asthma)? Thank you :)

Similar ask answered here (sorry those fics are the only ones I know of) :x

  Anonymous said:
Hello! I was wondering if you know any good chanbaek stories wheres baekhyun is getting jealous because chanyeol keeps fanboying over kai? Thanks

This has been sitting in the ask box for ages and I’m so sorrey nony ;;;;;;; I thought I read a story or two about this prompt, but I haven’t come across it yet >__<

Does anyone else know of a few??

  Anonymous said:
Do u know this Kaisoo fanfic wherin DO is a doctor and his patient is Kai? I read about it but I wasn't logged in AFF so I didnt remember the title nor the author. Please help me. :-(

Um, is it Sensual Touches?

  Anonymous said:
Any good exo disbandment fics? :'-)

As They Should Be (Kray)
Coming Home (Taoris)
Desultory (Seho)
EXO 2030 (Chanyeol-centric/OT12, ongoing)
Head Full Of Doubt, Heart Full Of Promise (Kray)
I Think (Of You) Again Like A Bad Habit (Chenlay)
Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground (Hunhan)
One Direction (OT12, ongoing)
Untitled (Taohun/Taoris)
We Are One (OT12)

There’s more, but these are the ones I have atm :S
- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Do you have any Broken!Sehun fics?

Similar ask answered here.

  xiu-mini said:
The last anon's fic is I Bring the Boys Out by puckered_lips! You can find it on her lj.

Thanks nony!! (and to everyone else who sent it in :))

I Bring The Boys Out

  Anonymous said:
Do you know any good angsty bottom!Sehun fics?

I’m gonna hijack this question and just fic dumping my list of bottom!Sehun :3 hope you don’t mind

And I Set Fire To Basically Everything (Krishun)
Because Tonight Is Ours
Bend Over Backwards (Sebaekaiyeol)
Best Teacher I Ever Had (Taohun)
Bicycle Pump (Sexing)
Blow My Mind (Chanhun)
Bottoms Up (Sekaiho)
Cherry Blossoms Ending (Taohun)
Claim Me (I’m All Yours) (Hunhan)
Clued In (Sexing)
Do You Like It Well Done, Cause I Do It Well (Hunhan)
Fixation (Sebaek)
Giving It Up (Taokai&girl!Hun)
Gotta Get You Under Me (Krishun)
Hydrophobia (Hunhan)
More To Come (Taohun)
Retrospect (Sekaiyeol)
Room 1950 (Hunhan)
Run And Hide (From My Embrace) (Taohun)
Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child (Sekai)
The Reign (Sekaiho)
We’re On A Sugar High, Baby (Sekai)
We’re Pretty And Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored (Sekai)
You & Me & Him (Sekai/Seho)
You’re My No.1 (Krishun)
You’ve Got The Moves Like Jagger (Hunhan)

Ehehehehe enjoy ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Hi, I was wondering if you knew any really good suchen fics? And if you knew what happened to A Succession of Kings? Thanks!

Ch-ch-check here! And for A Succession Of Kings is now friend’s locked I believe.

[LJ] You Really Got Me Bad (Now I’m Gonna Get You Back)

Title: You Really Got Me Dad (Now I’m Gonna Get You Back)
Author: suri711
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kris
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Mr&Mrs Smith!AU

Summary: Chanyeol and Wufan just found out that they’re rival assassins. They’re married.

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Derpina, can you recommend me any luhan/oc romantic smut story on AFF? Thank you!

can you recommend Baekhyun smut? (with OC) Thanks!

Are there any good EXO/OC fanfics where one has a mental issue (depression,schizophrenia, selectivly mute, etc) and the other helps them through it?

Hello~ do you have any oc x (any exo members) whereby the member is a teacher? And any slave fics for oc x (any exo member) ? THANKS ALOT <3

Helloo can you recommend a very sad/angsty oc x luhan fanfic? Thank youu

Do you have a list to krisxyou smuts?

hey, admins. do you have any agegap arrangedmarriage any exomembersxoc? no yaoi, pls. thank you, admins:D

looking for action packed OC/EXO fics….help?

Any good Kai/OC or Baekhyun/OC fics?? Thank you so much!

can you please recommend me some sehun/oc smut hehehe


It’s been updated finally


  Anonymous said:
i am craving some medieval!au. is this a thing? do these exist? please tell me they do.

Fyi, I haven’t read most of the following stories so if it’s not medieval enough for you, I’m sorrey :x

A Kiss Upon Satan’s Lips (Luhan/OC)
A Royal Pain (Krishan, lol does this count)
Adventures On Exo Planet (Hunhan/Kaisoo)
Airbag (Kaisoo)
Burn Your Name Onto Mine (Krishun)
Checkmate (Taoris)
Do You Believe In Destiny (Kray)
(EXO/OC, ongoing/hiatus?)
Prince Joonmyun And Sir Wu Fan At The End Of A Long Journey (Krisho)
Quest Of The Iron Dragon (Baekyeol/Lukai)
Regal Archer
The Red Lotus Blossom (Xiuhan)
Those Glittering Instruments (Baekyeol)
Under Her Skirts (Lukai, lol does this count)
When Brown Meets Blue (Baekyeol)

And if you want to read royal/prince!au’s, click here!
- ileney