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  Anonymous said:
any cracks? like maybe exo ships like baekyeol, baeksoo, baekai, kaisoo, chankai, sekai, sebaek, and hunhan those ships thx

Please check through our crack tag thanks!

  Anonymous said:
Are their any arranged marriages with Jongdae? The pairing doesn't matter... and if not can you recommend any funny/ romantic/ smut with Jongdae/OC? Its really hard to find good Chen fanfics I've looked EVERYWHERE the struggle has never BEEN so real ~_~ Please and Thank You ^_^

broo I feel you on such an emotional level since Jongdae is one of my favorite EXO members 

Arranged Marriage!AU
A Succession of Kings (Suho/Chen)
Cautious Love
(Chen/OC, ongoing) 
Maybe, Just Maybe (Suho/Chen, i think?? i also think he’s arranged to marry someone else LOL idk sorry ;_;)

A Whole New World (Baekhyun/Chen, romantic)
Guitar Boy Comes on Mondays
→ He’s Not My Boyfriend → Missed You & Fireworks (Lay/Chen, romantic)  
I Don’t Know You (But I Want You) (Baekhyun/Chen, romantic)
Live Like We’re Dying (Baekhyun/Chen, crack I guess)

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
This is not fanfic related but by any chance do u guys happen to know the exo lookalike masterpost ? Or any of your followers can help?? :3

we’re not sure what you’re asking about nony ;~; are you talking about the look alike porn videos???? exo-porntastic has a tag in their blog and this is the masterlist (but it’s a bit old… they have found more videos/gifs, etc since then).

 - Rin

Not sure if my ask got eaten or something but do you guys have any recommendations for crossover fics? You don't have to do Harry Potter since that has it's own tag but anything else?

sorry, so so so so sorry :/ we are still in the making of a really long list, but we will post it soon!! :) sorry for the wait!!

UPDATE 8/18/14: it is now in queue! you should see it posted in the next few days :)

  Anonymous said:
any fic where Kyungsoo has a sassy/b*tchy attitude? I'm really into Kyungsoo being like that hehe sorry :>

Hand Over Fist (Kris/Chanyeol/Kyungsoo, smut, NC-17)
Hang With Me (Luhan/Sehun but sassy!Soo)
How To Tame Your Player
My First Kiss Went A Little Like This (girl!Kyungsoo/Kai)
My Sassy-Soo (Chen/Kyungsoo)
Pick Me Up (Kyungsoo/Kai, NC-17)
Sexy, Free, and Single (girl!chinguline)

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
any fics focused around/really good detail of blowjobs? (doesn't matter if they fuck the other person's mouth or not even though I'd like that too)

all smut/pwp, rated NC-17:

Afterwards (Bring Your Friends) (Chanyeol/Tao + Baekhyun, Chen, Kyungsoo, public sex)
Bedroom Hymns (Chanyeol/Kyungsoo)
Can’t Stop Now (Xiumin/Lay)
Dealing Under The Table (Chanyeol/Kai, public sex)
Hey, I Heard You Were A Wild One (Kris/Lay)
I’ll Let You Lick The Lollipop (Kyungsoo/everyone)
I’ll Let You Lick The Lollipop (Luhan/Kai)
Life Isn’t The Only Thing Hard When Your Name Is Luhan (Luhan/Kyungsoo, office!au)
Make Me Your Maria (I’m Already On My Knees) (Suho/Chen)
Things That Start With The Letter B (Books And Blowjobs) (Kai/Sehun, public sex, library!au)
Troublemaker (Baekhyun/Kai)
Untitled Drabble (Luhan/Baekhyun)
You’re Made Up, Dressed Up, Messed Up (Kai/Sehun)

- vivian & ileney

  Anonymous said:
Hi admins! Ummm I was wondering if you have any good top!xiumin fics? He always seems to be bottom T__T I'm fine with any pairing, exo or oc. Thank you so much! :)

all smut/pwp, rated NC-17:

A Tangled Arrangement
(mafia!au, warning: non con) (Xiumin/Sehun)
Languid Loving
Night Cap
Position and Positioning
Sneaking Out (And Into Your Arms) (Xiumin/Kai, age gap)
Step Into My Office, Baby (Xiumin/Baekhyun, office!au)
There’s A Place Downtown (Xiumin/Luhan, public sex)

check our masterlist / tag for OC fics!

- vivian

Do you guys have any Member x Reader fanfics? Or OCs? Thank you.

can you please make a link for all the smut with a member and an oc thank you :)

Hello loves ! Do you know any fanfics where a member of exo comforts a fangirl ?? /uhsorry^^/ Like she is depressed or something like that ?? Thank you ! :)

Hi! Do you perhaps know an fluff oneshot where sehun see the bra of the oc accidentally because she had to change in her classroom? thankyou ;-*

we have an oc masterlist for exo-k and exo-m with the genre labels so you can easily search for specific genres. there are a lot of smut fics so go check it out!

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
hello! do you know any fics where either the main character has just broken up with someone and finds someone else //or// it's a broken pairing that meets again and reconciles throughout the course of the fic? i'm dying for this!! haha, thank you!!! :))

answered here!

  Anonymous said:
Any Kai/Jongin bottom/submissive fics?

Check here :)

[LJ] Never Meant To Belong

Title: Never Meant To Belong
Author: ahjummarin
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kai
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Horror
Warnings: extremely graphic gore and violence, non-con, minor character deaths

Summary: Baekhyun was crying while watching the dog in this state but Kim Jongin thought it was his masterpiece. One of the many.

Admin Alexa’s Thoughts: THIS BLOG NEEDS MORE HORROR STORIES SO I’M SUBMITTING THIS!! This was pretty okay, since I feel like it’s really hard to find a good horror story lately… btw psycho!kai yeahhhh 

  Anonymous said:
hello hello! I'm trying to find a fic, can you help me? It has these elements: 1. non- au 2.. all the members either have phobias or other mental instabilities; as in, suho stops talking to his members because they ignored him, baek dies of insomnia, chanyeol gets isolation phobia, kyungsoo develops ocd, sehun starts cutting himself and then eventually dies from it, kris files a lawsuit a leaves, minseok get anorexia, chen stop singing.... exo then disbands, and that's all i remember sadly :(

My Angels Are Leaving by aquamarineskies (ao3) / snowingseoul (lj)

This was such a depressing fic. Trigger warnings


  kkaebsongplz said:
I am suuuper bored, can I have some crack kaisoo fics please? :c

I highly recommend The Milk Misadventure, idk about you but I thought that fic was hilarious 

An Approach To Dating
Insert an Epigram for Awkwardness Here
Killing Ants (heard it’s weird lol)
Senpai Noticed Me

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
First of all, i wanted to thank you admins for all your hard work! So, i was wondering if you know any apocalypse fics?like hurricane or some kind of katastrophe? oc or otp doesn't matter :) gamsa~~

Day of Panic (Kai/Sehun)
Trapped (Luhan, Kris, Baekhyun, Tao, Kai, OC)
Tiger Lily (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)

- Alexa

[AFF] Something

Title: Something
Author: blehmeh
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Status: Ongoing
Length: Chaptered(?)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Warnings: brief mention of substance abuse

Summary: A boy who has given up his everything to strive after a destroyed dream meets with another who had nothing in the first place.

Maybe they will create something together.