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  Anonymous said:
Do you have any reeeeaally fluffy, cheesy and cute hunhan fics?

Not a lot surprisingly??? I like angsty Hunhan :3

EXO Superhero Drabbles (+other pairings)
Honey Funny Bunny (+Kaisoo)
Plushie Addiction 

Candyverse (should be read in order)
Tic Tacs 
Of Watermelons And The Great Birthday Surprise 
Xing Xing 
Sour Patch Kids 

……And that’s all I have :x hahahaha
- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Do you know any steampunk!au fics? :3

Erm, this is the only one I’ve read so far: Candle To The Devil (still ongoing).

  Anonymous said:
the fix you are looking for with the welcome basket and hunhan is called Problematic Emotions in the Models and Music series by drainbamage954 on livejournal.

Problematic Emotions

Woohoo thanks nony! :)

  Anonymous said:
Hi I just wanted to say thank you running this blog. it is really helpful in finding a ton of great facts. I also just wanted to make a quick suggestion if that was ok - is it ok for you to also tag the ship name eg hunhan or sekai etc because it then makes it a lot easier for people to find a particular ship. Thank you very much again for doing this - we all do really appreciate it :))))

Thanks nony! :3

And we do have tag the ships, they’re all under the ships page! :)

[AFF] Fighting For You

Title: Fighting for You
Author: Dubyuli
Pairing: Luhan/OC
Status: Ongoing
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Angst, romance, drama, smut

Summary: Luhan falling in love with his best friend.

Reasons Why You Recommended/Submitted: Manly Luhan fighting for his love….

[AFF] Patience Is A Virtue

Title: Patience Is A Virtue
Author: Dubyuli
Pairing: Chen/OC
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Romance

Summary: Insecurity is written on your forehead. You couldn’t believe a guy like Chen was patient enough to be with you. Overcoming the biggest fear of them all, would be sleeping with him.

Reasons Why You Recommended/Submitted: I think any Chen fans will love this. ^^

  Anonymous said:
I was wondering if you knew of a HunHan fic where Sehun hasn't had a girlfriend before and the rest of Exo-K was pressuring him about it but Luhan comes and pretends to be his girlfriend when he came to visit (because he owed Sehun a favor because he didn't have a place to stay).

I think this might be it??? Special Girl by niyaowo

  Anonymous said:
To answer hyo-pearls's question on why people don't really like aff, I just wished there was a better tag system like ao3. Sad can mean many things and so does angst. A character death can either be major or minor. I wished aff's stories were tagged better so I know which ones I want to personally avoid and which ones I'm especially drawn to (like family au!) (^_^;)

Oh, that’s a good point nony! I agree with you on the tagging system being better :\ thanks for sharing :)

[AFF] Bon Voyage

Title: Bon Voyage
Author: purpleskies
Pairing: Hunhan/Taoris/Baekyeol/Xiulay/Kaisoo/Suchen
Status: Ongoing
Length: Chaptered
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff, slice of life

Summary: Bon Voyage - (exclamation) used to express good wishes to someone about to go on a journey

Reasons Why You Recommended/Submitted: It’s from the same author who wrote Revolution. Very well written, and I am completely in love with it! The ships are indescribably perfect and I’m on my toes wanting to know what’s coming next! One of my favorites <3

[LJ] Release

Title: Release
Author: puppyrexx
Pairing: Kaisoo + other pairings
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Self harm, character death, bulimia

Summary: He finds his first release with knees planted into the tiled floor and palms cupping the seat of a bowl sat on by way too many to count (more than twelve, if he had to estimate). With the taste of bile on his lips, Jongin smiles.

  Anonymous said:
Do you have any fics similar to bride wars?

This is a bit of a stretch, but here are some wedding-themed stories?

Beautiful Bride (Baekyeol)
My Bride? (Hunhan, ongoing)
Throw Away The Key (To Your Heart) (Sebaek)
Wedding Dress (Krisyeol)

…and that’s all I have hahaha >__<
- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Do you know any xiuris fics? I’m craving some~ thanks so much! <3

Wow, this is a pretty rare pairing to find stories for hahahaha (I skimmed through most of these so if they’re not exactly Xiuris, I sorrey :x)

¥80: Dreams 
Beautiful Stranger (ongoing/hiatus??)
Comfort In Proximity 
Coming Up From Behind 
Headed To Hell For Heaven’s Sakes 
Love And War 
Love Letters 
Special Snowflake 
The Aftermath —> Carried Away 
The Blue Bloods (Xiumin/Kris/Luhan)
The Flower And The River 
Untitled Smut 

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
All the member centric fic exchanges are minseokful (xiumin-centric), deerofdawn (luhan-centric), wufantastic (kris-centric), suholiday (suho-centric), justgetlayd (lay-centric), thebaekfest (baekhyun-centric), chenpionships (chen-centric), yeolliepopday (chanyeol-centric), sooheaven (kyungsoo-centric), totaolly (tao-centric), forjongin (jongin-centric), and ohunlimited (sehun-centric).

Woohoo thanks so much nonyyy <3!! xoxoxoxo

  Anonymous said:
Do you know what happened to wufantastic? Krissoo is my weakness and I wanted to read one from wufantastic but it seems like it's not open to the public.

Most likely due to the EYK incident. Read more here.

Be patient and I’m sure it’ll be up soon :)

  hyo-pearls said:
Do you know why do so many people hated AFF? people kind of prefer LJ more than AFF nowadays. Why? :o

Hrm, I honestly don’t have any idea? :|

I know AFF changed her policies/rules recently, maybe that’s why? Hahah orz