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  sehssy said:
any good mpreg fics? ouo hunhan please <33 i love your recommendations!

Hihi, check our tag, thanks <3

  Anonymous said:
i've always wanted to know, do you have any bottom!kris stories? thanks for running this, by the way. C:

Almost In Love (Kris/Kai)
Ea$y Money (Kris/Chanyeol)
Kiss Me Hard
Make Your Heart Tremble (Kris/Kai)
Morning, Sunshine (Kris/Chanyeol)
Replace (Kris/Baekhyun)
Soft and Pliant (Kris/Chanyeol)
Test Drive (Kris/Lay)
The Air We Breathe (Kris/Tao)
Thing You Never Knew (Kris/Tao, ongoing)
Untitled (Xiumin/Kris) 
Untitled (Kris/D.O.) 
Untitled (Kris/D.O.)

- Rin & ileney & vivian

  Anonymous said:
hi! hello! i was wondering if you know any threesome or foursome relationship fics. i really could careless about the smut because i'm more interested in the storyline of being in a relationship with two or three other people. please and thanks a whole bunch!

180 Degrees (Luhan/Kyungsoo/Kai)
Bring It Down (Baekhyun/Kai/Sehun)
Fall From Grace (Luhan/Kai/Sehun)
Four Hundred Lux (Chanyeol/girl!Kai/Sehun)
High Stakes (Baekhyun/Kai/Sehun, NC-17)
Honey, We Don’t Fall In Love (Kyungsoo/Kai/Sehun)
Love Is Not A Choice (Luhan/Kai/Sehun, NC-17)
Post Blue (Luhan/Kai/Sehun)
Spoiled Rich Kids (smut oneshot series, Xiumin/Luhan/Sehun)
Take Me Into Your Skin (Luhan/Tao,/Sehun, NC-17)
The Distance Between You & Me (Luhan/Kai/Sehun)
The Spirit of Adventure (Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Kai)
Three’s A Party (Luhan/Kris/Kyungsoo, NC17)
Two Plus One (Tao/Kai/Sehun, kitty!AU) → Ground Work (NC-17)
We are Young (Tao/Kai/Sehun)
Wicked Games  What you Need (Tao/Kai/Sehun)
Yours (Luhan/Kai/Sehun, NC-17)

- Rin & ileney & vivian

  Anonymous said:
hello! can you rec heavy angst/tragedy fics please? and can the pairing be kaisoo please ? ♥ Thank youuu !

Check here, here and here! Thanks ^^

[AFF] Hyung, Can You Help Me Scrub My Back?

Title: Hyung, Can You Help Me Scrub My Back?
Author: hizoumie
Pairing: Baekhyun/Sehun
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: R
Genre: Shower smut

Summary: In which Baekhyun couldn’t resist Sehun’s sexyness.

  Anonymous said:
wow guys... TOTALLY LOVE THIS BLOG! <3 i'm a noob here and i read your recs section... and uhm hehe... can you please rec me fics like Jongdae, 11 Times Over? omg my innocent mind is asking for more XD haha thank you!

Answered here!

  Anonymous said:
hey.. i asked this "post/91583259414/hey-guys-i-hope-you-get-to-answer-this-because-im-so" and it's okay that you did not find it cause me and my friend have been looking for this fic too and we can't find it anywhere T^T it's on going but i remember the foreword said it would be short so it's probably done by now? i'm crying... i fell so in love with it and i cant believe i lost it *sobs*

okay, i will continue searching and keep my eye out for it, it sounds pretty interesting so i want to read it too LOL i just hope its not deactivated… so it sounds like its from aff? 

- Alexa

[AFF] Nevermore

Title: Nevermore
Author: BaekhyunsBabyGirl 
Pairing: Kris/OC
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: R/NC-17
Genre: Smut, drama, romance

Summary: How could he face her and tell her that it was over? That every dream he had worked to achieve for them the past three years was just….gone?

Any chaptered (lengthy) chansoo highschool au fics? 

Do you gave any really good chansoo fics? Long/chaptered ones set in high school or college? ^^

Do I Wanna Know? 
Fracked (chinguline)
Highway Don’t Care 
I’m A Freak Show You Can’t Look Away From (mainly Kaisoo)
Lilly, Tory, Kate, & Me (chinguline)
Living Between The Yesterdays 
Of Names and Lockers… (ongoing)
Room For Rent (ongoing)
Sexy, Free & Single (chinguline)

- Alexa & ileney

  Anonymous said:
any fics where kyungsoo bullies baekhyun?

this is honestly as close as i can get lmao

Elementary Games (Baekhyun/Sehun)

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
do you know any space cadet!au like up, up an away? please and thank you a ton!

Logically Speaking (Xiumin/Luhan, member-locked so join the community to read if you have a lj acct)
Mad World
 (Kai/Sehun, Suho/Lay)
Space Age Love Song (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Space Cowboy
Space Oddity (Lay/Chen)
The Butterfly And The Falcon (Suho/Kyungsoo/Kai, Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
The Trouble With Chanyeol (Chanyeol/Kyungsoo)
Up, Up And Away (Kyungsoo/Kai, for those who wanted to read it!)

- Asia & ileney

  Anonymous said:
Hi!! I really love your recommendations these fan fics literally give me life XD Anyways I was wondering if you could recommend and really long (chaptered) kaisoo fics? Preferably ones where they're in college, but anything's fine ^.^

hello anon! It’s nice to hear that our hard work is keeping you alive!

Paper Mâché (not really long or college, but amazing. definitely recommend)
How To Tame Your Player 
더는 망설이지 마 제발 Baby, Don’t Cry

- vivian

Okay, so these aren’t college!au’s, but I think they are pretty long and good!

The Last Straw 
Kastrating Kai
ast January  
Progressive Education
The Replacement Doll
In Bloom
Nocturna Supressio

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
Hi there lovely admins! Do you know of any bullying fics with Sehun in them?

A Cup of Noodles (Luhan/Sehun)
I Kind Of Need A Hero (Sehun/OC) 
Irony (Sehun/OC) (ongoing)
You Are My Destiny (Sehun/Wendy (SM Rookies))

- Alexa 

  Anonymous said:
do you know a fic that continuation of growl drama version? because i'm curious to deathhhh ;-)

  Anonymous said:
Hi ^^ I was wondering if there are any fics about cooking?

Cooking, Cooking (Luhan/Sehun)   
Creampie (Chen/Kyungsoom drabble)
His Favorite Recipe (Kyungsoo/Jongin)
Hit Me WIth Your Best Shot (Chanyeol/Kyungsoo)

- Alexa