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  Anonymous said:
Do you have any fluffy or smutty Krisho fics?Please and Thank you!

Please feel free to browse through our Krisho tag ^^

  Anonymous said:
Hiiii <3 Some fics Jail!AU?? Lol, I knooow its awkwaaaard <3 <3

Please check our tag :)

  Anonymous said:
hey guys any more abusive and possessive fics? I've exhausted both of those tags already, do you think you can still give me fics your haven't tagged yet? doesn't matter the pair ^^ thankee!!

Got You Stuck On My Body (Like A Tattoo) (possessive!Chanyeol/Kai, was this rec yet lol)
Shut Up (Kyungsoo/Kai; NC17, abuse)
We’re In The Ring And We’re Coming For Blood (Kris/Sehun; R, abuse)

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
Hi! I absolutely love this blog! Can you recommend any possessive LayHan or SeXing? Thank you!!

  Anonymous said:
Hmmm i m sorry if my request is odd or rediculouse but can you tell me any yaoi mpreg fic where they can produse milk .... like they feed thier child with own milk .... hmmn its kind of stupid but tell me plzzz

Come Morning Light (Luhan/Sehun; NC17, wolf!au / a/b/o verse)
The World Starts With You
(Luhan/Sehun; NC17, pornstar!au, a/b/o)

- vivian & ileney

  Anonymous said:
question: so basically, all the fics you guys post here are all in the index? as in... everything? :)

the index is actually a list of all the submitted fics we get, so it doesn’t include the fics we list in asks. it gets updated every week-ish or so.

- vivan

[AFF] The Golden Rule

Title: The Golden Rule
Author: unnie-bee
Pairing: Sehun/Everyone
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, comedy, high school!AU
Warnings: Threesomes

Summary: Oh Sehun is an awkward and perpetually horny high school freshman with a bad habit of daydreaming about his sexy classmates while at school. Eventually, someone notices.

  Anonymous said:
do you have any solo member nc-17 fics? like masturbation fics?

Similar ask answered here.

[AFF] Vassalage

Title: Vassalage
Author: FishMeAnEXo
Pairing: Kai/Sehun
Status: Ongoing
Length: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, medieval!AU, angst
Warning: Master/slave, bondage

Summary: A Prince arbitrarily becomes a slave in a split second.

  Anonymous said:
Hello! I'm not sure if you guys have been asked this, but have you happened to come across any fics that are prison!au? Any pairing is fine :D I've just felt the need to read something with the members being in prison. Thank you so much either way!

Lacrimosa (Tao-centric)
They’re Never Gonna Get Me (Like A Bullet Through A Flock Of Doves) (Kris/Tao)

Some Baekyeol mentions of going to jail kindaaaaa:

Agate’s Betrayal
The Secret Smile

Prisoner of War:
Maybe In Hell, There Is A Heaven (Kyungsoo/Jongin)

yeah, so as you can see, there’s not that much LOL I highly highly recommend Lacrimosa though!! 

- Alexa

  Anonymous said:
do any of you guys ever read zombie apocalypse!au fanfics? im looking for the one that has like the same plot with The Walking Dead game series. but its okay if it doesnt have the same plot at least it has zombie theme in it. thank you! ^^

check this post for zombie!au (there’s a The Walking Dead!au in there!)

  Anonymous said:
any girl joins exo fanfics?

Here: Twelve Shades of Gay

It is just a new story, so it hasn’t been updated yet and it doesn’t have any chapters. This question was already asked. We explicitly already said not to ask questions twice or multiple times. Please be patient, we have said this many times already. This was answered in the queue already when you sent this a second time.

We don’t really read OC/Member stories. We wouldn’t have said this before since we didn’t really mind, but now the demand is high and the inboxes are just piling higher. We are not experienced in that field, it would be better to ask another fanfic site to find OC/Member fics. 

[AFF] Night Of The Hunter

Title: Night Of The Hunter
Author: junxouji
Pairing: Tao/Kai
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot 
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, a/b/o verse, romance, smut

Summary: Jongin was born in the tribe as a omega and ever since he was a child he knew it was his destiny to be picked by a alpha as a mate. However he never imaged he would catch the attention of the heir to the tribe.

  Anonymous said:
Hello What is the meaning of Smut Fic and what is Fluff fic? Thank you

hihi, please check our faq for your questions! ^^

  Anonymous said:
Hey, I don't see a slave!au or a fucktoy!au in your tags list...

we don’t have a tag for them per se, but it was answered here!