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  Anonymous said:
Hope all you guys are having a lovely day. I was wondering if you know any good suyeol fics where Suho is the more dominating one in the relationship. He doesn't have to be the one in the top position-Well he could be too-, but maybe where he's more mature/experienced or Chanyeol looks up to him or something ? I dunno. I've already gone through all the fics in the the tag, so I was hoping for something new? I know this ain't one of the more popular pairings out there, so thanks a lot.

Uhhhhhh here try this fic, because we spent a really long time looking for this, but Raise Your Expectations by curledupkitten is the closest thing we can find sorry lol

  Anonymous said:
Hi! Do you know any hunhan fics where Sehun makes Luhan go throughout a whole day with a toy inside him? Thanks in advance~ (ノ◕‿◕)ノ

Good Boy 
Twelve’s Company

I’m not sure if the above count so :x but! bonus: Sehun wearing one during one of their TLP concerts ;) teehee: It’s You 

  Anonymous said:
hey do you have some fanfic where Kai is dating Kyungsoo, but he is cheating on him with Sehun or Taemin? I read Thursday.. Thank you :-)))

Adrift On Your Shores (So Carry Me Home Tonight) (w/ Sehun)
In The Middle (w/ Sehun)
(w/ Sehun; NC17)
Thursday (w/ Sehun; NC17) —> Milk And Toast And Honey (Kyungsoo’s POV)
We’re Going Through The Process Now (w/ Suho & Sehun)

  Anonymous said:
Hello! Do you have any hunhan fics where Luhan's bestfriends with Baekhyun or Kyungsoo? Thanks~

Bride Wars (Here Come The Brides) (Luhan & Baek are bffs)
Existence (Luhan & Soo are bffs)
Is Wonder Boy Here For Real? (Luhan & Baek are bffs)
Oppa’s Not My Style (Luhan & Baek are bffs)
Someday Dream —> Hello, Dream —> Once Upon A Dream —> Daydream (all three bffs + funky Chen)
Stay The Night (Luhan & Soo are bffs)

also check this post!

  Anonymous said:
Wolf!au's centered around baekhyun?? I don't mind the pairing. Please!! I've read all your tag! Isn't there anything new or recommended? :(

Going For The Gold (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
Mates (Baekhyun/Kyungsoo)
No One Is Born To Be Lonely (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
Play Of Power (Baekhyun/Chanyeol; ongoing) 
The Best Mistake (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)

These aren’t new new, but I hope these weren’t rec’d yet :x

  Anonymous said:
any xiuhun/xiuhan/xiukai fics with disabled!xiu (it would be preferred if xiumin was bottom if there are any nc-17 or R rated fics) thanks a bunch!

Cups of Coffee and Fairytales
(Xiumin/fairy!Luhan, PG)
Keeper (blind!Xiumin/Luhan, NC-17, top!xiu)

Alright so there aren’t any fics for Kai & Sehun pairings?? None that we could find… Soooo sorrey nonyyy! D:

  wyfanyeol said:
is there any exo co-ed dormitory(boarding school or college) fic? or girl!exo-k and they friend with exo-m like the panty thief by moderndecay

This is a super late response sorry sweetie<3 but um, couldn’t find any co-ed dormitory living, but EXO as a co-ed group instead??? Hope that’s okay >___<

Co-Ed Group Series by tripmee
Co-Ed Soccer Team Series by tripmee (it takes place at a boarding school…lol)
The Co-Eds (Xiumin/Luhan; doesn’t feature all members though)
The Panty Thief (OT12)
Wide Shot (OT12; high school/volleyball!au)

  Anonymous said:
hey! do you know any fics were the members are portrayed as aliens?

A Breach Of Security (Kyungsoo/Kai)
Dance, Earthworm (Luhan/Lay, Lay/Sehun, R)
My Crazy Hot Aliens
(EXO-K/OC) → My Crazy Hot Aliens II: The Invasion (OT12/OC)
My Arranged Marriage (With an Alien!) (Sehun/OC)
The Leftovers Club (Baekhyun/Kyungsoo, NC-17, Guardians of the Galaxy!au)
When It Strikes
(various pairings, OT12)

- vivian

  Anonymous said:
Any chanbaek female fics with both of them female I can't find any

Better Than Revenge (ongoing/hiatus?)
Better Than Words
Butterflies (not sure if it’s an oneshot or ongoing…)
You’re Like A Song That Goes Around In My Head 

- ileney

  Anonymous said:
any genderbender sebaek with girl!baek? chaptered or oneshots will do, thank you :)

Erm, I guess there’s no love girl!Baek/Sehun fics cause I honestly can’t find any :( but I did find a femslash one: Let’s Have An Adventure (they’re both girls)! That was the closest I could find, sorry nonyyy :(

  Anonymous said:
Have any fics with pairings (Krisyeol, Krisho, Krishun, etc) where they are like bros or dudes and not as lovers? Thanks!

First Snow (side-pairing Kris/Lay)
Mission (Trust Me) (Kris/Suho)
In Tandem (side-pairing Luhan/Kris)
Why Wu Fan Never Bottoms (Xiumin/Kris)

if it says side-pairing, that means there is a romantic relationship in the story and the bromance is not the main pairing in the story.

  Anonymous said:
hi admins! i saw your page about your favorite authors and i read... uhm.. all of the stories of each authors T^T (i know i don't have a life).. anyway, i was wondering if you have any new favorite authors? :) someone you just met along the way? thanks guys! please fill me with more fics... jeez do you guys know i've read everything you posted here? ya, since april 2013? i'm sick.. i'm REAAAAALLY sick.

oh… well dang lol here are some new-ish writers?

ahjummarin - fyexofics admin author
magsushi/swimminglexfyexofics admin author

i doubt author-nim will come back to write for this fandom again because of what happened. if you didn’t know, there was plagiarism and unfair distribution of her story (seoul military: exo division) when she specifically asked not to be distributed :( please respect the author’s wishes and not do so in the future!!! also if you see her story floating around still, please please please harass the person who uploaded it to take it down. the author doesn’t want her story online anymore :x

  Anonymous said:
Hey do you know any fics where one of them is a male prostitute, who falls in love with his client? Like in Pretty Woman...but with gays (lol). XDD

  bakamelia said:
Hii I'm the one who asked for a fic like I'm not her, I'm sorry >< so it was on aff but got deleted, it was a baekyeol fic, chanyeol wanted to fuck baekhyun's sister but he 'kind' of raped baekhyun (he mistoke baekhyun for her sister) :)

Sooooooo you’re looking for non-con? I don’t personally read it, but you can check our tag!

  Anonymous said:
Do you have any cute fluffy non au chenmin??